The wooden watch: the original gift idea par excellence

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At a time when smartphones, touch-sensitive tablets and other connected objects have invaded everyday life and the foot of the tree, make the difference with a wooden watch! This simple but trendy fashion accessory has a knack for surprising even those who swear by high tech. Neither multifunctional nor connected, an ecodesign timepiece relies on authenticity and noble materials to seduce. Here are 3 good reasons to offer a wooden watch for Christmas.

An original and unique gift

original present

If wooden watches are so popular, it is because they rely on natural materials of quality, aesthetic, robust ... changing! As wood is a living material, it evolves from one season to the next, becoming lighter, lighter or darker to give each time an absolutely unique species. No two wooden watches are the same! A special feature when you want to stand out with a truly original gift. At Dwyt-Watch, the woods used in our dials and cases all come from sustainably managed forests and thus meet demanding ecological criteria. An original gift with the FSC label is an elegant way to make a difference...

The wooden watch, the ally of all outfits

Christmas gift idea

On our site, wooden watches dare all styles. Walnut, rosewood, ebony... the species follow one another but do not look alike. And then each of our products can be equipped with an interchangeable nato watchband or flash pump. Made of real leather, they adapt to all desires and all outfits. This is an original gift that the lucky one will love to wear for a long time and for any occasion.

A gift idea for all budgets

Make an original gift for 100€? Challenge accepted! At Dwyt-Watch, even small budgets will find what they're looking for. But low price doesn't mean cheap! In the Nebula, Forest and Lake collections in our catalogue you will find inexpensive but no less ultra quality, robust and reliable watches. The wooden watch, an original gift therefore, but also durable and for everyone!

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