Movement Ronda® Swiss Parts 763

The Ronda® Swiss Parts 763 movement indicating the hours, minutes and seconds is the most widely used movement at D.W.Y.T.

It comprises all the watches in five of our largest collections: FOREST, NEBULA, ANTICA, BLACK&GREY and OASIS.

This analog quartz movement has a reduced power consumption with its pulled stem allowing :

  • Reduce energy consumption by nearly 70%.
  • Guarantees an autonomy of almost three and a half years with a standard battery.

These powerful movements allow you to be serene over time.

Movement Ronda® Swiss Parts 505

Our LAKE collection is equipped with another movement, the Ronda® Swiss Parts 505, used exclusively for this collection.

It allows the user to see the hour / minutes / seconds and the date at the 3 o'clock position.

Simple and elegant, the watches in the LAKE range fit all wrists, both feminine and masculine.

Movement Ronda® Swiss Parts 507

Our CANUT mixed watch, referring to D.W.Y.T.'s hometown, Lyon, is the only one equipped with a Ronda®Swiss Part 507 movement with day and date displayed at 3 o'clock.

These are visible on a small white silk-coloured plate, giving it a unique style to never forget to take the time.

Its singular style allied to a vintage wooden case makes it all its originality.

Movement Ronda® Swiss Parts 5030D

One of our most refined and technical Quartz movements is the Ronda® Swiss Part 5030D present for our two watches of the EXPLORER range.

Its multitude of features gives it an authentic feel and gives it an elegant and natural male adventurer look.

The singularity of this watch is:

  • Its accuracy
  • Its chrono counters minutes, hours and small seconds which guarantee a good legibility to its user.

This 28mm quartz movement integrated in a 42mm diameter case is composed of a chrono with a stop second in the centre, a large date with a direct change up to 31 days.

Movement Ronda® Swiss Parts 1069

Mixed and atypical, the VOLCANO watch is dressed with a Swiss® Parts 1069 movement with offset second hand.

This three-hand analogue quartz movement equips the collection VOLCANO. These two watches ETNA and TALANG give this watch a unique style with more than two years of autonomy!

Japanese Miyota automatic movement 8N24

The automatic watches CONSTANTIN and CÉSAR of the IMPÉRIAL collection are equipped with MIYOTA Japanese movement. This 8N24 mechanical movement has a power reserve of 42 hours. The watch can therefore be unworn for almost two days and still give you time.

Japanese Miyota self-winding movement 8215

Known for being reliable and robust, Japanese expertise gives a very good quality to this watch with a solid movement. Miyota movements are assembled in very fast automatic assembly lines, developed in an intelligent way whose strict control guarantees reliability.

Entirely made of metal, this movement is very robust.