The D.W.Y.T. Universe

Do Waste Your Time - Take your time!
This is the founding act, the mantra that resonates again and again through the D.W.Y.T. brand and its products. Several years ago, two childhood friends from Besançon decided to combine the watchmaking tradition that permeates their town with their passion for woodworking, an ancestral know-how that has stood the test of time.

Taking one's time means taking care of it, taking care of it!
That's what makes D.W.Y.T. watches more than just wooden objects. Much more than simple accessories, they are real trendy and fashionable objects with a strong meaning. They dress and fit perfectly into a clothing style.

Imbued with a unique personality conferred by a sober and elegant design and noble materials, the D.W.Y.T. watch is an integral part of the wearer's identity. Live with your time, while still being yourself!