D.W.Y.T. takes place in Vincennes.

wooden watch Vincennes

The Gold and Silver Shop joins the D.W.Y.T. adventure. From now on come to find the wooden watches customizable in this jewelry store located in Vincennes. D.W.Y.T., a French handcrafted brand combines with traditional jewellery in order to offer you a complete and diversified offer.

Gold and silver: a traditional jewellery shop

D.W.Y.T. wooden watches join the dressed-up showcases of this traditional jewelry store. It highlights two precious metals that form the very identity of L'or et L'argent located in Vincennes. In addition to offering you quality finery, the shop deals with after-sales services and manufacturing of all kinds. So you can buy and have your most beautiful jewellery repaired. To this diversified offer is added the professionalism of the manager who will guide you efficiently in your choices. Your visit will be punctuated by a smiling welcome and good advice. Gold, silver and wood combine to form a combination that will charm the most of you.

D.W.Y.T. an authentic vision

wooden watch Vincennes

D.W.Y.T. watches can fit all your styles, whether casual or sporty. They are made from wood from eco-managed forests. This noble material allows you to have a quality accessory with a harmonious design on your wrist. In addition, the French brand offers interchangeable leather straps for woman and for manwhich can be associated with the different boxes. This personalized offer gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself with originality and elegance. Gold and Silver Jewellery was seduced by the natural character of the D.W.Y.T. wooden watch. Let yourself be tempted and find the one that looks like you.

Go to the Gold and Silver shop in Vincennes to find your D.W.Y.T. wooden watch.

Where can you find the D.W.Y.T. Wooden watch?

Gold and silver

273 rue DIDEROT

94300 Vincennes

Website: www/oretargent.com

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